• Your life is worth it.

    Villa Counseling Services

    Ashley Baglieri, LCSW-R, CASAC

    Go YOU! Just by being here, you made a huge step towards bettering your life and emotional well-being.

    Are you a young person struggling to find fulfillment and meaning in life? Confused, stressed, and overwhelmed about what steps to take forward? Are you seeking to better your relationships, make healthier choices, and access your full potential? Transitioning from college life to adulthood and exploring your identity, sexuality, or career interests? Or, looking for help for your child or teen?

    If any of these sound familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

    I have spent well over a decade of my life helping young people like you. From adolescence to emerging adulthood, life can bring a variety of stressors, and I am passionate about helping people navigate life’s transitions and finding healthier ways to cope. The most influential aspect of therapy is the relationship we build, and my number one priority is to be your confidant and trusted guide as we embark on this journey of healing and growth.

    Let’s collaborate as I assist you in meeting your particular goals and becoming your best self. You deserve it.

    If you are interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you, I’d be delighted to work with you every step of the way.

    Let’s get to work.